How to Care For Your Dogs Paws in The Winter Time

How to Care For Your Dogs Paws in The Winter Time

Winter means cold, snow, ice and mud and for pet owners, it means spending a few minutes a day extra on caring for your dogs’ paws. Learning how to care for your dogs paws in the winter time will help prevent injury and infection.

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How to Care For Your Dogs Paws in The Winter Time

How to Care For Your Dogs Paws in The Winter Time

Winter can be a difficult time for your pet. You can prevent injuries to your dogs’ paws caused by winter weather by following a few simple tips:

    • One of the largest dangers to your pet’s paws is the ice melt used to melt ice and snow from driveways.  Constant contact with this deicer can cause chemical burns on your dogs’ paws. Rinse your pet’s paws off with warm water when they come inside each time.
    • Another frequent winter hazard is the balls of ice that form in between the soft pads on our dogs’ feet. Keep the hair between their pads neatly trimmed to prevent this.
    • Dogs that spend a lot of time outside in the winter can be at danger for frostbite and hypothermia. Don’t leave your dog outside for hours at a time. More frequent short walks are recommended when temperatures dip dangerously low.
    • Just like our skin gets dry and can crack in the winter, your dogs’ paws can do the same thing. Covering their paws in a thin layer of Bag Balm will help keep them moist and prevent cracking.
    • You may want to consider investing in a pair of dog booties for your dog to wear during the winter. Wearing dog booties helps to protect the pads from ice balls, cuts on sharp pieces of ice and cold temperatures. While they may look a bit silly, they certainly do a great job of protecting the paw area.

    Whether you’re pet sitting or caring for your own dog, consider adding a pair of these to your cold weather walking gear before you head out for your walk in the winter.

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  1. I’ve never heard of paw balm…but I will be checking into it now. Love my Sadie and want to take care of every inch of her!

  2. I wish I would have thought of using Bag Balm on my Yorkie’s paws. I tried little boots, but they were about the size of my thumb and he had trouble walking in the snow (in Colorado). Without out the boots I had to pick him up and carry him, defeating the purpose of the walk!

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