Cat Teeth Cleaning Tips for Fresh Breath

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If you’ve ever tried to clean your cat’s teeth, you’ll know it can be a challenging task. Hopefully, these cat teeth cleaning tips will help make the process easier the next time you try.

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Cat Teeth Cleaning Tips

Brushing your cat’s teeth may not be something they allow you to do.  Thankfully, there are alternatives to brushing cat’s teeth that they tolerate more easily.

Cat teeth cleaning treats

Many people use cat teeth cleaning treats to help remove tartar from their pet’s teeth because cats eat them easily. Crunchy cat treats can help keep your cat’s teeth cleaner than moist or soft cat treats.

Cat teeth cleaning products

If your cat allows you to brush his or her teeth, thee are cat teeth cleaning products intended specifically for cats. You can find cat toothpaste and cat toothbrushes that are specially made for felines. You should never use toothpaste intended for people on your cat. And, you can also find rinses that can be added to your cat’s water bowl that will help keep their teeth clean.

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Alternatives to brushing cats teeth

Perio Support by VetriScience is a daily support powder for dental health and hygiene. Perio Support is a tasty, aromatic powder that’s designed for use between dental cleanings to promote clean teeth, fresh breath and oral health. Simply sprinkle Perio over your fur baby’s meals, and allow this supplement to help prevent tartar buildup and plaque formation by working organically to eradicate bacteria.

Cat Teeth Cleaning Tips for Fresh Breath

Perio Support contains natural zeolites that may help prevent plaque from forming, Cranberry powder to support gum tissue health, and probiotics to help displace plaque-building bacteria. Be proactive about your pet’s oral health and help prevent periodontal disease with a sprinkle of Perio!

While Perio Support won’t help eliminate the need to have your cat’s teeth cleaned, it may help to keep their teeth clean between brushing. This can help keep the cat teeth cleaning cost more reasonable for those that take their cats to the vet for cleanings.

If you’re looking for an easy way to help keep your cat’s teeth clean, check out a few of the products from VetriScience Perio Support.

You can find Perio Support and other alternatives to brushing cats teeth at

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