Wild Bird Feeding Tips for Winter Time Weather

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If you enjoy feeding the birds at your bird feeders, check out these wild bird feeding tips. My husband and I feed the birds year round but it’s especially important in the winter time when food is harder to find. We have several different bird feeders and suet feeders in our yard for them. 

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Wild Bird Feeding Tips for Winter Time Weather

Wild Bird Feeding Tips

Different birds eat different types of seeds so it’s important to offer a wide variety of bird food. We typically offer black oil sunflower seeds because it’s the most popular type of seed for the wild songbirds my husband likes to watch. In the winter, we also offer suet because it helps the birds stay warm.

It’s best to offer more than one type of feeder in different areas. Some birds will have no problem visiting a bird feeder on a hook at your window. Others will prefer to visit a smaller feeder that is hung on the brand of a tree for cover.

Wild Bird Feeding Tips for Winter Time Weather

It’s best to offer different types of bird food in different feeders. Sunflower seeds are the most popular with many birds.

If you offer a mixed seed in one feeder, many birds will toss the millet and the corn on the ground in order to get to the sunflower seeds.

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Can wild birds eat raspberries?

Some birds enjoy fruit so we occasionally offer a sliced orange so birds like Orioles can have a treat. Other birds like robins enjoy berries so raspberries and strawberries that are overripe or bruised make perfect treats.

If you plan on storing your extra seed outside, make sure that you store it in a metal container with a tight-fitting lid. Pests like mice, rats, raccoons, and skunks will be attracted to bird seed and will make a huge mess.

Wild Bird Feeding Tips for Winter Time Weather

Squirrels will be attracted to the seed in your feeder, and they are quite good at getting into them. To prevent this, you can use a baffle on the pole.

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Or try mixing Squirrel Away in with the bird food. They don’t like this powder but it has no effect on the birds at all.

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