Cat Joint Health Tips for Aging Cats

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Check out these cat joint health tips if you’re concerned about joint pain and arthritis in cats. A few years ago, I started to develop pain and stiffness in the fingers on my left hand. I realized it was arthritis and started to make changes to my lifestyle to adjust for that. But, to be honest, it never really occurred to me that animals could develop joint pain and arthritis as they aged as well.

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Cat Joint Health Tips for Aging Cats

Cat Joint Health Tips for Aging Cats

Joint pain is just as common in cats as it is in people so it only stands to reason that we need to take steps to help our pets feel more comfortable as they age. Of course, some of those ways to help our cats involve physical changes to our home.

How can you tell if your cat has arthritis?

If your cat appears to have more difficulty jumping on the furniture, climbing in and out of their cat bed, or stepping over the edge of the litterbox, they may have arthritis. To be sure, speak to your vet.

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Best cat food for arthritis

Choosing a cat food for older cats may be a good idea. You should also look for cat food that contains Omega 3s which have been proven to help with arthritis. Speak to your vet about the options that are best for your cat.

What can I give my cat for arthritis pain?

Cosequin helps support cartilage production and protect existing cartilage from breakdown. The only joint health supplement brand shown effective, safe, and bioavailable in published, controlled U.S. studies, Cosequin is manufactured following standards similar to those practiced by the pharmaceutical industry. Cosequin has been proven safe in cats.

Motion activated cat toys for older cats

Cosequin, a nutritional supplement, safely and effectively provides joint cartilage support while maintaining your cat’s comfort level. Some veterinarians also recommend Cosequin to help support urinary bladder health.

If you think that your cat is suffering from arthritis or joint pain, speak to your vet about what types of changes you should be making including whether or not Cosequin is a good choice. You can find many of your pet’s needs at

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