Moxie the First Smartphone for Dogs is in Kickstarter

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Have you ever heard of Moxie, the first smartphone for dogs? Being separated from your dog while you’re at work can be stressful for you and for your pet. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way your dog could hear your calming voice during the day when you were gone? Or, wouldn’t you like to be able to see what they were doing? I know I would!

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Moxie the First Smartphone for Dogs is in Kickstarter

Smartphone for Dogs

Moxie uses a patented call to bark technology that lets your dog call your cell phone based on certain parameters like time, length, and frequency. Once it’s activated, you can see what your dog is doing. And, the built-in speaker allows your dog to hear your calming voice.

Moxie uses an image-stabilized fixed focus HD camera that lets you see your dog’s life from their perspective. This high-resolution video will be not only entertaining but will help keep the bond you have with your dog even stronger during the day.

Please support their Kickstarter campaign with a contribution.

What makes this smartphone for dogs even more fun is that you can use the software app to upload videos from your phone to Instagram, Facebook, and SnapChat! You can share with your friends or set up social media channels just for your dog to entertain their followers.

Moxie’s features include:

  • 1220 mAh rechargeable battery that slides out of the top
  • Microphone and speaker grill for two-way communication
  • Communicative LEDs
  • HD 30fps “smartphone” camera
  • WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Will be available on Google Play and in the App Store

Head over to Kickstarter and help support Moxie, the first smartphone for dogs. By supporting you will be eligible for rewards based on your level of support. You can get stickers, t-shirts, harnesses, and an actual Moxie Smartphone for your dog by supporting them.

Please support their Kickstarter campaign with a contribution.

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