How to Choose an Animal Hospital for Your Pet

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Are you wondering how to choose an animal hospital for your pet? If your pet needs to have surgery, you have probably been told you need to bring them to an animal hospital. Of course, you want to choose the best possible animal hospital but you may not be sure what you need to look for. You want to be sure that your furbaby is getting the best possible care.

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Animal Hospital for Your Pet

So, how can you find an animal hospital for your pet? If I was in this position, the first step I’d take is to search for vets near me. Your local veterinarian should be able to give you a recommendation. They may have a relationship with an animal hospital in your area and be able to direct you to someone they trust. Be sure that they have experience with the type of animal you own. A veterinarian that specializes in dogs and cats may not be appropriate for rabbits or other small animals.

Can a veterinarian perform surgery

All veterinarians can perform surgery as part of their practice. However, depending on the specific type of surgery, they may prefer to refer you to an animal hospital or a veterinarian that specializes in a certain type of operation. Difficult cases may be best handled by a surgeon so you will want to speak to your local vet about what’s best in your case.

Look for accredited animal hospitals

You will want to look for an accredited animal hospital to ensure your pet is getting the highest standard of care. The American Animal Hospital Association can refer you to an accredited animal hospital in your area. This rating means that the hospital has gone above and beyond what’s required to ensure their standards of care are the highest possible.

Ask for recommendations

If you have a friend or family member who has taken their pet to an animal hospital, ask for their recommendation. If they had a good or bad experience with a hospital in your area, they’ll be able to let you know. You can also check for reviews online on places like Yelp or Google.

Take a tour of the practice

Once you’ve chosen an animal hospital, ask them if it’s possible to visit and have a tour. While there will be some areas that are off-limits, they should be able to show you most of their practice. This will give you an idea if you feel comfortable bringing your pet there or not. Ask yourself if it’s clean and if the animals seem comfortable and safe.

Interview the veterinarian

Ask if it is possible to speak to the veterinarian that will be performing the surgery. Trust your instinct when you speak to them. Do you feel comfortable with them? Can you request a specific veterinarian when you schedule the surgery?

Finding an animal hospital for your pet doesn’t have to be difficult. Following these tips will help make the process a bit simpler so you can feel confident that your pet is getting the best care.

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