October 29th is National Cat Day

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If you love your cat (and I’m sure you do), you’ll definitely want to plan a few surprises for them on October 29th which is National Cat Day. Maybe you can buy them their favorite cat treats, give them a bit of tuna, or treat them to one of these adorable cat gifts below. 

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October 29th is National Cat Day

The Lotus Cat Tower and Shelves are the ultimate designs for the cat lover to catify their home while maintaining an aesthetic décor.
Prices start at $74.99  at TheRefinedFeline.com

Cat gifts for National Cat Day

For the cat fanatic who wants to really “bond” with their cat, consider the Licki Brush. Now when their cat licks them, they can lick them right back! $19.99 at Lickibrush.com

October 29th is National Cat Day

Show to the world they may be a “crazy cat lady” but they have style with cat fashion tees from CatFashionista.com. Starting at $19.99

October 29th is National Cat Day

For the cat parent feeling guilty their cat is home all alone, the Kittyo is the solution. Kittyo lets them watch, speak to, play with, and record their cat when they’re away. They can even dispense treats! $249.99 at Kittyo.com

October 29th is National Cat Day

Self-admitted “Crazy Cat Ladies” aren’t afraid to let everyone know it. Now they can with these stylish totes for $29 at https://www.etsy.com/shop/ZanaProducts

October 29th is National Cat Day

With winter approaching, cats will be looking to stay warm over a heat source.. With the A-Frame Cat Bed from The Refined Feline, the perforated platform allows airflow from vents to heat the cushion and provide a comfy place to snuggle into during their cold months. The A-Frame sells for $99.99 and is available at TheRefinedFeline.com

October 29th is National Cat Day

What will you be getting your cat for National Cat Day? If you’re considering ordering pet supplies online, learn how you can save money while you do it.

14 thoughts on “October 29th is National Cat Day

  1. I don’t have cats any more but good to know that tomorrow is National Cat Day (Caturday!) I absolutely love those shelves designed for a cat. The curved design looks soothing even without the cats lying on them.

  2. We have 5 cats. That’s pretty crazy considering we were always small dog people. Plus they are all indoor cats. lol It’s amazing how many items are available for our beloved felines now. I really like the Kittyo and the Refined Feline A Frame bed, and of course those Lotus Cat Shelves are really attractive.

  3. I have 3 cats of my own and if I got the nail scratcher, they would just laugh at me then go use the couch or curtain xD I suggested to my boyfriend we could get the tongue brush and he’s not as excited about it as I am!

  4. Our daughter got married in May and can’t have pets at their apartment. We are keeping her cat for now. I was always “I don’t like cats; I will never have a cat in the house” and so on…. Well….Cosmo has kind of grown on us. My husband says I like the cat more than I like him LOL. Not true though 🙂

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