Low Dust Scoopable Cat Litter to Control Odors

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The holidays are almost here and I’ve been considering a low dust scoopable cat litter to help control odors. We use a variety of different types of cat litters depending on the time of year and what’s on sale. We’ve been using a litter that doesn’t clump lately to monitor Scout’s urine. But it doesn’t work that well to control odors. Low Dust Scoopable Cat Litter to Control Odors

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Low Dust Scoopable Cat Litter

With the holidays around the corner, we’ll be having more guests. And, the last thing I want guests to have to deal with is a stinky cat box. We recently had the chance to try the Tidy Cats Tough Odor Solutions Glade Winter Pine Clumping Cat Litter with our cats. And, I wanted to share my thoughts.

Leave strong, overpowering litter box odors out in the cold when you use Tidy Cats Tough Odor Solutions Glade Winter Pine Clumping Cat Litter. The multi-cat formula works to keep your beloved cats’ less-adorable creations in their litter box and out of your way. You won’t find any odors in this winter wonderland!

This litter features TidyLock Protection to lock away ammonia, urine, and fecal odors—leaving behind nothing but the warm, woodsy scent of a wintry pine forest. The 99% dust-free formula prevents messes around the litter box, too, while you refill them, and the powerful formula helps to lock in moisture.

Cleanup is easy because the litter forms strong, tight clumps that are simple to scoop. Give odors the cold shoulder and cure your wintertime litter box blues when you fill your cats’ boxes with this litter solution from Tidy Cats.

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Key Benefits

  • TidyLock Protection locks away odors in a snap and leaves your home smelling fresh and ready for company.
  • With the power of Glade, this Winter Pine litter provides a warm, woodsy scent reminiscent of snowy cabin vacations.
  • Neutralizes strong ammonia, urine, and fecal odors to trap odor in the litter box.
  • Forms tight, strong clumps for easy cleanup—just scoop it and forget it!
  • Locks in moisture to keep cats dry and comfortable when they visit their litter box.

My thoughts:

I’ve always been impressed with how well Tidy Cat litters clump. This means that the odors stay out of the litter box for quite a while. The pine scent is very refreshing as well. Some of the scented cat litters have a strong perfume scent that bothers my allergies. The pine scent isn’t as strong and it’s more natural so it doesn’t bother me.

It’s 99.9% dust free so this is an awesome choice around the holidays for anyone who wants to limit the amount of dust floating around your home. The one thing I don’t like about many cat litters is that the dust settles all over things each time your cat uses the litter box. I don’t have that problem with this cat litter.

Low Dust Scoopable Cat Litter to Control Odors

Is litter dust bad for cats?

Yes, cat litter dust is just as bad for your cat as it is for you. Choosing a low dust or dust free cat litter is always the best option.

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