Tips for Keeping Your Dog Out Of The Garbage

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Are you looking for tips for keeping your dog out of the garbage? Thankfully, there are a few simple tips that you can use to keep your dog out of the trash. This can be not only an annoying habit but a dangerous one. You don’t want to have to clean up trash your dog has dragged all over the house. And, you certainly don’t want them to get into anything dangerous that can make them sick.

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Keeping Your Dog Out Of The Garbage

Dogs are attracted to garbage. They like how it smells and think that they can find tasty leftovers to eat. Sometimes, they just like to rummage through trash to combat their boredom. Keeping your dog out of the garbage doesn’t have to be difficult if you try a few of these simple solutions.

Keep it out of reach

We have a sliding drawer that holds our garbage pail. But even if you don’t have this type of garbage can, you can keep your garbage behind a closed door. Or, you can use a garbage can with a locking lid or a garbage can latch that your dog cannot get into. Make sure that your garbage is never left available for your dog to get into. Bring the full trash bags outside as soon as you remove them from the trash can. Letting it sit around will only encourage your dog to get into it.

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Keep them engaged

Bored dogs are dogs that will get in trouble. Be sure that you are walking them regularly and playing with them. When you cannot be at home with them, be sure that you leave toys for them to play with. Interactive dog treat dispensers will encourage your dog to interact with a toy and then reward them with a dog treat when they do. Never leave them locked in a room or home with nothing for them to do. That will only encourage them to be destructive.

Train them not to

If you catch them going through the garbage, you should scold them and tell them no. BUT, it’s important that you never scold them unless they are actually in the process of getting into the garbage. They will not understand if you yell at them an hour after it’s been done. Continue to repeat and reinforce your stand on your dog not going in the garbage. Eventually, with consistency and repetition, they will learn to stop.

As long as you are consistently making an effort, your dog will eventually get the message the garbage is something that they should not touch. You may also want to read how to make your dog stop digging in the yard.

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