Foods Ferrets Can Eat You May Not Know About

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Here are several foods ferrets can eat that you may not be aware of. We know that ferrets need a healthy complete diet. But, what should we be feeding our pet ferret? 

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Foods Ferrets Can Eat

If you have a ferret or are considering getting one as a pet, it’s important that you understand what types of foods they need to be healthy.

Because ferrets have a very high metabolic rate, they will eat many small meals during the day rather than one or two large ones. Do not be alarmed if you see your ferret eating 8 to 10 times a day. That is perfectly normal for a ferret.

Since ferrets are carnivores, like cats, they need a high protein diet to stay healthy. You can find ferret food pellets at your veterinarian’s office or your local pet store.

Be sure that you read the ingredient list before you buy ferret food. As with other pet foods, you want to be sure that you’re purchasing the best quality foods. Chicken or lamb should be listed as the first ingredients.

You should also avoid any ferret food that lists grain or corn as ingredients.

If you cannot find ferret food at your local pet store, you can substitute kitten food provided you check the ingredients. You will also need to supplement their diet with a fatty acid supplement.

Note that kitten food is a better option than cat food because it has a higher protein count which ferrets need.

Homemade ferret food

If you want to give your ferret homemade ferret food occasionally, you can give them cooked or raw chicken along with their pellets. Please be sure to continue to give them dry pellets even if you also want to give them homemade food. They need the crunchy pellets for proper diet and to clean their teeth.

Can ferrets eat fruit?

No. You should avoid foods that are high in complex carbohydrates likes fruits, vegetables, dairy and anything that contains sugar. They are carnivores and their digestive systems cannot process other types of foods.

Hairball treats

Like cats, ferrets do occasionally get hairballs. But, unlike cats, they do not regurgitate them. To help them, there are special treats to prevent hairballs from forming.

Special ferret treats

Everyone likes a treat and your ferret is no exception. You can give your ferret bits of cooked chicken, turkey, lamb or egg as a treat or specially formulated ferret treats. You can also give them bits of cooked organ meats. You should be able to get these from your butcher.

Now that you know what types of foods ferrets can eat, you can focus on getting them a few toys to play with.

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