How to Keep a Dog Calm During Fireworks

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Have you wondered how to keep a dog calm during fireworks? Learn more about dog fireworks anxiety symptoms and how to help.

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We live right across the street from a large empty field. It’s the perfect spot for fireworks in our neighborhood.

Unfortunately, that means frequently loud noises that can scare our pets. Some dogs and cats suffer from anxiety that is made worse during this time of year.

How to Keep a Dog Calm During Fireworks

Keep a Dog Calm During Fireworks

Do your dogs suffer anxiety and stress from loud noises like fireworks? Are you wondering how to calm your dog during fireworks?

During certain times of the year, people like to set off fireworks to celebrate. We see it on Memorial Day, July 4th, and even Halloween in our neighborhood.

Why do fireworks scare dogs?

Loud noises often scare dogs whether that is from a thunderstorm, a car backfiring, or someone setting off fireworks outside. Loud unexpected noises startle many people and animals.

It’s best to keep your dog out of situations that may scare or startle them. Dogs have been known to eat fireworks or try to attack them.

And, they can be seriously injured by trying to chase after or attack fireworks or sparklers. It’s not a good situation to expose your dog to.

So, it’s best to leave them at home if you plan on attending the fireworks yourself. You can leave a Doggie Lawn natural indoor puppy potty for them to use while you’re not at home.

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Try calming products for dogs

There are natural solutions to help calm your pets during stressful times like fireworks. The Calming Set by Doggie Lawn contains:

  • A supplement bar from The Anxious Pet formulated to provide holistic anxiety relief
  • Therapeutic Pawsome Spray from Embyr Oils
  • A unique Treat Ball that will provide a healthy outlet for any anxiety-driven behaviors. 

These products can help your pet remain calm even during times that would normally make them anxious. Give your dog a quiet spot to go to when fireworks are going off.

If this is a bedroom, be sure that you place their pet bed and toys in the room. Spray their pet bed or blankets with the Pawsome Spray.

And, give them a few of their treats in the Treat Ball. You can use CBD treats if this is something you feel your dog will benefit from.

Another benefit of this unique Treat Ball is that it helps to keep your dog’s teeth clean. This is such a unique toy for your dog and I love that you can use it with your favorite brand of CBD dog treats.

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How to keep your dog calm during fireworks

How can I calm my dog during fireworks?

CBD products can help relieve your pets’ anxiety and support their nervous system during stressful times of the year. CBD for pets may help ease your dog’s anxiety and reduce stress-related behavior. Here are a few other tips:

  • Try a white noise machine. Play a soothing white noise in the background that may help diminish the noise from the fireworks.
  • Close the curtains if you are close enough to see the fireworks from your home. The bright lights may contribute to the problem.
  • Try having your dog wear a Thundershirt. These calming shirts often help dogs in stressful situations. Thundershirts come in a variety of different colors and sizes.
  • Keep your dog inside during the time when fireworks will be set off. They won’t appreciate being outside while it’s happening. Plan their walks for earlier in the day so you don’t need to go out later on.

How to Keep a Dog Calm During Fireworks

Can I give my dog Benadryl for fireworks?

Some people choose to give their dog Benadryl to help with anxiety during fireworks and have had success with this. Speak to your vet about if it’s safe for your dog and what the recommended dosage is for your dog based on their age, breed, and size.

How to calm dogs during fireworks

CBD oil or capsules contain a broad spectrum of concentrated, naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from hemp for dogs and cats. It works to keep your pet calm and contains no THC.

That means it has none of the psychoactive properties that might get you high. It won’t cause anxiety or paranoia. In fact, it can work to help reduce anxiety in your pets (and yourself).

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CBD for pets

Of course, CBD for pets also has other uses besides helping your pet stay calm. Studies have shown that it may be beneficial in dealing with epilepsy.

And, it has also been shown to be helpful for inflammation and pain management. This means that as your pet experiences pain from diseases like arthritis, CBD may be an option to look into.

Here are a few options that you might want to talk to your vet about when it comes to fireworks.

How to Keep a Dog Calm During Fireworks

You can find CBD in a variety of different forms for pets including treats, capsules, oils, and creams.  If your pet experiences stress during fireworks or from other causes, CBD may be the solution.  

If you are wondering “What can I give my dog for fireworks anxiety?” I hope I’ve answered your question. If you’re concerned about how your dog will respond to fireworks, don’t wait until the last minute. Speak to your vet about possible solutions so you can have them on hand when the time comes. You may need to order a few of these online to have them in time.

Finally, here are a few more tips on how to keep your dog calm. Or, learn about these ways to calm a cat.

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