How to Keep Your Dog Calm on July 4

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Are you wondering how to keep your dog calm on July 4th? Every year, countless American dogs panic, hide, or even run away on July 4, terrified by the loud fireworks and boisterous barbecues that their humans enjoy so much. For many dogs and dog owners, Independence Day can be an unhappy event that’s more stressful than it is fun.

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How to keep your dog calm on July 4

How to Keep Your Dog Calm on July 4

So how can you relax on Independence Day and enjoy the peace of mind that Fido is calm and safe?

The dog behavioral experts at OneMind Dogs —a revolutionary dog teaching method out of Finland used by some of the world’s top agility trainers and their canine competitors—are sharing some secrets that will help both you and your dog breathe easy on July 4.

Dogs automatically associate the emotion surrounding an experience with the event itself. So, if you’re alarmed by the fireworks or worried about keeping Fido calm, he will be, too. If you maintain an upbeat, serene attitude, your dog will mirror that behavior.

While soothing words can help calm your own nerves, body language is what your dog naturally understands and responds to first. Communicate to your pooch that it’s okay to hide in a safe place by showing him where to go.

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Reward your dog throughout the day using smaller bits of treats. To keep your dog interested in remaining calm and following your lead, spend time finding which treat works best as an incentive.

OneMind Dogs was developed in 2003 when a top-performing agility dog named Tekla suddenly lost her hearing. From then on, her trainer had to see the world from Tekla’s perspective. He had to rely only on physical cues to communicate. What could have been a crushing roadblock for Tekla’s agility career turned into a groundbreaking way for all dogs and their humans to become better connected?

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10 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Dog Calm on July 4

  1. Our household is pretty laid back. We’ve always taken our dogs with us to see fireworks, and they haven’t had any issues. I think it helps that we do stay calm and we let them cuddled with us.

  2. These are great tips. I have tried and tried all of these, but I think I either attract the most high strung dogs, or I make them high strung. Either way, we will all be hiding in my bedroom The Oatmeal style for the 4th. LOL

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