How to Safely Feed Your Cat People Food

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Do you know how to safely feed your cat people food? Or are you giving your cat foods that they shouldn’t be eating at all?

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We all like to treat our pets occasionally, but it’s important to treat them with healthy foods rather than foods that can cause unwanted weight gain or health problems in the future.

Why not try these homemade cat treats for your cat.

How to safely feed your cat people food


Safely Feed Your Cat People Food

There are safe people foods that you can treat your cat with on special occasions.  Small amounts of these cat-safe foods will make your cat happy without spoiling them too much. Always check with your veterinarian to be sure that feeding them people food occasionally is safe for your individual cat.

Is it OK to feed cats table food?

Cats that are overweight or have food allergies or intolerances may be better off avoiding foods that aren’t on their vet-approved diet entirely. if your vet gives you the OK for an occasional treat, these are the people foods that are safe for cats.

How to Safely Feed Your Cat People Food

Remember, just because your cat begs you for a particular food doesn’t mean that it’s safe for them to eat. Cats have very different digestive systems than people do so please stick to foods that your cat can digest easily and is meant to eat.

How to Safely Feed Your Cat People Food


Feed your cat people food

What’s the best food to feed your cat? You can safely feed your cat people food by letting them sample a few of these foods:

  • Broccoli. Can cats eat vegetables? Cats need meat to survive, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy an occasional vegetable treat. In the wild, cats eat grasses to settle their stomach. Houseplants can be toxic to cats, so it’s much safe to treat them to a tiny bit of cooked broccoli instead. Be sure that the broccoli is cooked, cooled to room temperature and cut into small pieces for your cat to enjoy.
  • Cooked Fish. Is it OK to feed cats tuna? Too much fish can be dangerous for cats because it can contain a higher than safe level of mercury. An occasional treat of tuna is perfectly fine provided it’s cooked to avoid tapeworm.
  • Cooked eggs. In the wild, a cat will naturally raid a bird’s nest for eggs. You can occasionally give your cat a bit of scrambled egg just be sure it’s cooked without butter, oil, dairy or seasonings.
  • Cooked poultry. Another favorite with cats, you can treat your cat with a bit of cooked chicken. Just be sure that there is no skin, fat or bones. Cut a tiny piece of chicken up and sprinkle it on their regular dry cat food.

How to Safely Feed Your Cat People Food

Foods cats can’t eat

There are foods that cats cannot ever eat. They are toxic and will either make your cat very sick or even kill them. They include.

  • Chocolate
  • Raw eggs and meat
  • Garlic and Onions
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Xylitol (a sweetener)

Now that you know how to safely feed your cat people food, which will you try first? Check out these homemade treats for your cat.

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