How to Get My Cat to Eat Less to Lose Weight

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I’ve been wondering how to get my cat to eat less since the vet told me he was overweight. You might think that it’s simply a matter of feeding them less, but that isn’t always the case. Being overweight is just as bad for your cat as it is for you. 

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How to Get My Cat to Eat Less to Lose Weight

How to Get My Cat to Eat Less

In theory, cats should eat only when they’re hungry. At least, that’s how it works in the wild. But, because our cats are not in their natural environment, hunger and their hunting instincts aren’t always what drives them to eat. Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of habit or boredom. Here are a few things that you can do to get your cats to eat less.

Slow Feed Bowl

Interactive feeder bowls or puzzle bowls allow your pets meal time more to stop your pet from overeating or gulping, and stop boring feeding times. This one will work with both dogs and cats.Learn more.

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Automatic Pet Feeder

If you need to leave your cat’s food out all day because you won’t be home, an automatic pet feeder may be the solution you need. It helps prevent pet obesity with portion control when used with quality food and proper exercise. Learn more.

A Food Tree

Cats should be hunting for their food. It’s how they were designed. Simply leaving a bowl of dry food on the ground for them can cause weight gain. You can encourage them to “hunt” for their food with a food treat. Learn more.

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Interactive Food Ball

Like a cat tree, an interactive food ball encourages your pet to work for their food. Learn more. Or, if you enjoy giving your cat treats, this adorable interactive treat dispenser has catnip too! Learn more.

What other ways have you found to get your cat to eat less without behavioral issues? Here are some tips to safely feed cats people food.

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9 thoughts on “How to Get My Cat to Eat Less to Lose Weight

  1. Great ideas. I have a senior cat that is over weight but he really isn’t active so that may be the problem.

  2. I bet it is really a problem with older cats especially since it probably makes their joints hurt–just like humans. I like the idea of the slow feed bowl and hadn’t heard of them.

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