Feeding Your Dog a Raw Diet

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If you’re considering feeding your dog a raw diet, here are a few things to consider. Learn more about the benefits of raw feeding dogs.

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If you're considering feeding your dog a raw diet, here are a few things to consider. Learn more about the benefits of raw feeding dogs.

Feeding Your Dog a Raw Diet

I’ve shared in the past about freeze-dried raw dog food and had several people who wanted more information. Learn more about raw feeding here.

There are many benefits to feeding your dog a raw diet. Dogs who eat a raw food diet have shinier coats, healthier teeth, and better digestion.

Raw foods are less likely to cause allergies or other health problems in dogs than commercial diets. These may contain preservatives and fillers that can upset the stomach and even lead to cancer.

If you’re interested in feeding your furry friend a more natural diet, read on for tips on how to make it work!

Is a raw food diet good for your dog?

Raw food diets are great because they feed the dog what it would eat in the wild. That would include a varied diet consisting of meat, bones, and organs. This can also help to keep their teeth clean which reduces plaque build-up.

How does a raw food diet benefit your dog?

Raw diets offer the best possible option for feeding our pets because they contain all of the nutrients that dogs need to be healthy and energized. Dogs who eat a raw diet are less prone to certain health problems like obesity, diabetes, arthritis, kidney disease, or heart disease.

A raw diet is also beneficial for dogs that suffer from allergies or food sensitivities because they are getting the appropriate nutrients needed to manage their symptoms. You can speak to your vet about specific concerns.

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Feeding your dog a raw diet on a budget

Your dog can be fed a raw diet on any budget with these tips.

  • Buy in bulk when possible, this lowers your cost per pound and you’ll have more on hand when you need it
  • Get creative with your ingredients. You can’t always afford to buy expensive cuts of meat so visit your local butcher, farmer’s market or grocery store for cheap options
  • Get creative with meals by using leftovers like vegetables and meats.

How to feed your dog raw – the long way

Purchase the basic ingredients you’ll need to feed your dog a raw diet, such as meat (chicken, beef, and rabbit are good options), vegetables (green beans, corn, and carrots), and small quantities of fruit.

Freeze the meat for one to two days to ensure that there are no parasites present before you feed your dog. Then, defrost.

Cut the meat into pieces approximately one-inch square (or as small/large as your dog will eat). Dice the vegetables into small pieces, tossing in some fruit to get a little variety.

Be sure that they get a variety at every meal. 

Tip: Mixing in vegetables and fruits can help to provide some variety, but keep them small as they are harder for dogs to digest than meat or bones.

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How to feed your dog raw – the easy way

Feeding your dog a raw food diet can be a lot of work. And, if you work outside of the home, you may not always have to prepare each meal from scratch using raw food. Thankfully, there is an easy way with Rawgo.

Rawgo is a new premium option for dog food. Rather than traditional kibble, it uses only fresh ingredients that are air-dried to preserve their natural nutrients. This raw diet includes gently dried meat and vegetables as well as fruits like apples or bananas–all of which have been preserved in their most healthy state!

Rawgo is the go-to brand for all dog lovers who want to provide their pup with a healthy, real food diet. Rawgo’s air-dried meats and vegetables are infused with nature’s wholesome nutrients without any artificial preservatives or added flavors that your four-legged best friend will love!

Rawgo options

With Rawgo, feeding your dog a raw diet doesn’t have to take a lot of time. You can choose options made from beef, lamb, and chicken. Join the loyalty program to save on your purchases and start feeding your dog raw today. Check out Rawgo

The #RAWGUST movement is growing in popularity for those looking to eat healthier during this summer and that includes their pets. Raw foodists believe that if you only consume unprocessed, natural foods and drinks then your body will reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle change.

The idea behind it all? If you give raw foodism try for a month, maybe by August 31st when most people quit their diets from lack of willpower or motivation-you’ll have made a lifetime commitment!

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