Dog Treadmill Training Tips for Small Dogs

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These dog treadmill training tips will help you get started with a new way to exercise your dog. Do you remember the first time you stepped on a treadmill?

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It took an effort to stay on the treadmill and not go shooting off the back like you see in cartoons. You may want to try these homemade dog training treats.

Dog treadmill training tips for small dogs

Dog Treadmill Training Tips

It stands to reason that your dog isn’t just going to hop on the treadmill and go. However, if you follow these dog treadmill training tips, you should see improvement in how willing your dog is to use a treadmill. You may want to make a small treat and toy bag as part of your dog walking supplies to encourage them.

How to get a scared dog on a treadmill

If you have a timid dog, their first reaction to your new treadmill may be fear or nervousness. If this is the case, you will need to proceed with patience. Start by allowing them to get used to the treadmill when it’s off. Let them walk around it, get used to the smell and possibly stand on it while it’s not moving.

Lure them onto the dog treadmill while it’s off by offering them their favorite treat. Make sure that you tell them they are a good dog when all four paws are on the treadmill and they are facing forward.

If your dog is still scared of the treadmill, you will need to connect the treadmill to a positive action. Continue to offer treats, be sure that you praise them every time they are on the treadmill. Put their favorite toy right in the middle of the treadmill. This may take time and you will need to be patient and not rush your dog.

Dog treadmill training tips for small dogs

Once your dog is no longer afraid of the treadmill, you will want to create a command to use when you want them to get on the treadmill. Make it unique to just the treadmill. Don’t use something like “let’s play” but, instead try “get on” or something else that is unique.

Dog treadmill training for small dogs

Next, you will need to get your dog used to the noise. Try offering them a treat while you are walking on the treadmill. Be sure to praise them when they come close to the treadmill while it’s on. Using a dog treadmill rather than a full-size people treadmill may be easier for small dogs.

After your dog is used to the noise the treadmill makes, you will need to entice them onto the treadmill while it’s on by offering them a treat. You can place the treats on the front of the treadmill as they are walking once they are used to this. Be sure to go slowly to avoid choking.

Make sure that you never use a leash to attach your dog to the treadmill. This is very dangerous and can cause choking. Also, make sure that you never leave your dog unsupervised while the treadmill is on.

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