Break Puppy Chewing Behavior With These Tips

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Do you want to break puppy chewing behavior? First, you should understand that chewing is natural, starting from puppies all the way to dogs. Dogs think that chewing is normal. However, it is not necessarily correct. If you notice that your dog has problems with chewing, you will need to correct the problem as soon as you notice it.

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Break Puppy Chewing Behavior With These Tips

Break Puppy Chewing Behavior

There are some dogs that will chew anything that they can get their teeth on. That includes shoes, clothes, and furniture. Of course, these are things that you would rather them keep away from. It’s not a good feeling to have to keep buying replacements.

Puppy chewing toys

One of the easiest solutions to this issue is to get your dog a variety of dog toys that they can chew on. Using these toys can teach them what they can chew on and what they cannot. Plus, having a variety of dog toys for them to chew on will keep them occupied.

Chewing on the toys will also keep their teeth and gums healthy. Some of the better choices for dog toys to chew on are ones that are scented or flavored. Consistently encourage your dog to play with the toys.

Another thing you can do is teach them to get a toy every time they come in your presence. Even if they greet someone else, still teach them to get one of their toys.

Reduce clutter

While you are training them, also teach them not to chew on items that there are not supposed to be chewing on. It is also important that the area where the dog plays is kept free of clutter.

For your part, make sure that there are no shoes or other items that can provoke them to start chewing on them. If you don’t want them in your bedroom to have access to your shoes, keep the door to that room closed or put up a baby gate.

Break Puppy Chewing Behavior

Apply a taste deterrent

If the dog should get something they’re not supposed to have, get their attention and remove it. Then replace it with a dog toy.

Each time they do that, applaud them for doing the right thing. You can also prevent them from not chewing your items by applying something that will make them step away from it, such as Tabasco sauce and other non-toxic items.

This bitter lemon spray is highly recommended. Or, try this homemade dog repellent.

No punishments

Do not punish your dog for chewing on things. They do not understand that your shoe or book are not toys. You must do your part to keep clutter out of their reach and provide acceptable things for them to chew on.

Do you have any other tips to break puppy chewing behaviors?

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