5 Cool Things to Buy Your Dog For Spring

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Springtime is the time to spruce up your home and your wardrobe. So, why not get a few of these cool things to buy your dog while you’re at it. 

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Springtime is the time to spruce up your home and your wardrobe. So, why not get a few of these cool things to buy your dog while you're at it.

5 Cool Things to Buy Your Dog For Spring

I’m sure they’ll appreciate some extra attention and a few of these treats to start the warm weather season on the right paw.

What you get your dog will really depend on the breed and what they enjoy doing. Do you go for long walks or jogs in the park?

Do they love catching a dog frisbee? Are they happiest in a new doggy sweater? Here are a few of my top suggestions your dog may enjoy this year.

PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station

The PetSafe Healthy Pet Water and Food Station is the ï¬rst gravity food system with a removable, stainless steel bowl that is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. Simply sanitize the stainless steel bowl at high temperatures in your dishwasher to eliminate potential bacteria that can cause your pet harmful infections from micro-organisms, allergic reactions or skin and nose irritations.

The coordinating PetSafe Healthy Pet Food Station and Healthy Pet Water Station are designed to complement most home decor. Space-saving footprints and modern style are ideal for kitchens, laundry rooms, garages and other indoor areas.

a dog sleeping on a cooling mat

Polar Pooch – Self Cooling Mat

Cool and comfy dogs everywhere love the Polar Pooch. Provides lasting, cooling comfort for up to 3 hours thanks to a revolutionary cooling gel that works the moment your dog lies down on it. No need to worry about batteries or cumbersome cords, Polar Pooch recharges in as little as 15 minutes as soon as your dog gets up.

After that, it is ready to work again, making it the perfect relaxation spot after a rigorous game of fetch.

Soft Fleece Pet Bed

No one can wait to crawl into a comfy bed at night, especially after a long day. Remember, we spend almost one-third of our life in bed not only for sleeping but for resting as well. And your adorable and faithful companions are no exception!

Pet pro-TRACK-tor Tracker

Ever worried about losing your pet? This ultimate Girafus® pro-TRACK-tor Pet Tracker 227PA is the best solution for such situations! Insert batteries and turn the Base unit on and the search can be started. The device is already preconfigured UP TO 4 PETS: You can use the pro-TRACK-tor with up to 4 Tags.

a girl with a whistle

Training Whistle to Stop Barking

Teach your puppy to be on their best behavior with this essential dog training whistle. Start training your dog to respond to the whistle like you would any other command. Adjustable pitch. Simply tighten or loosen the screw to work out your dog’s frequency.

Or, check out a few of these cute Easter gifts for dogs.

What other cool things to buy your dog are you considering?

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  1. well my dog princess is a chiawaii and she does not play with any toy unless her brother form another mother is playing with it king pom he love red ball and he love walk we go up hill 4 mil up and back and they play in yard with the neighber kids

  2. We will have a dog in our care for the first time this summer. I see a Polar Pooch – Self Cooling Mat being a must as we can get up to 107 during hot streaks. I’d hate for him to be miserable.

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