DIY Snuffle Ball for Dogs You Can Make

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This snuffle ball for dogs is an easy afternoon dog toy you can make with a few basic materials. Make a dog snuffle ball to reward your pup.

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It’s so much fun to make gifts and treats for our pets. And, I love it when I come up with something that’s truly easy.

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a dog playing with a fleece ball

DIY Snuffle Ball for Dogs

So, what’s a snuffle ball? Basically, it is a fleece ball that you can hide little treats inside.

Your dog will smell the treats and will engage with the ball in hopes that they find them. It’s a great way to provide mental stimulation for your pet.

If your dog is home during the day while you work. Or, you hope that a new puppy can learn to entertain themselves a bit, this is a simple project to make.

fleece, scissors, and sewing supplies on a white background

Snuffle Ball Materials

  • Medium ball: 2 pieces of fleece: 3 feet long by 8” wide
  • Large Ball: 2 pieces of fleece: 5 feet long by 12” wide
  • Large zip tie
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Fabric marker
  • Pins or fabric clips (optional)

How to make a snuffle ball step by step

Fleece dog ball toy instructions

This creates a toy that is the right size for medium dogs. If you have a larger or smaller breed, you can customize it to what you need.

Step 1:

Fold your fleece in half lengthwise. This is your middle line. Using your ruler or measuring tape, measure 1.5” on either side of the line and draw a line. This 3” area is your “no-cut zone.

Step 2:

Place both pieces of your fleece on top of each other. Make about a 3” “fringe” cuts lengthwise down one side of your fleece, making sure to stop short of your middle line. Repeat down along the other side of your fleece.

This snuffle ball for dogs is an easy afternoon dog toy you can make with a few basic materials. Make a dog snuffle ball to reward your pup.


Step 3:

Placing the fabric vertically in front of you, start rolling it as tightly as you can.

Step 4:

Using a zip tie, secure the snuffle ball in place. Cut the end as close as you can and then tie two of the fleece pieces in front of it to protect your pup from being scratched by it.

a brown and white dog playing with a snuffle ball

How to use a snuffle ball

Once the ball is complete, you can simply tie in your pup’s favorite treats. Remember not to make it too tight. The goal is to get them to engage not to frustrate them.

Or, alternately, you can simply toss the ball to your dog and let them play with it if you would prefer not to give them added snacks.

How can I wash this toy?

You can hand wash this in lukewarm water and a very mild detergent. Gently wring it to dry and then clip it from a hanger to dry completely. Do not place it in the dryer or the plastic tie may melt or wear out.

12 thoughts on “DIY Snuffle Ball for Dogs You Can Make

  1. Make one of these for my new puppy and wondering if a plastic cable tie would work so that I don’t have to worry about the metal or it rusting the material. Any thoughts?

  2. Hi colleague doglover
    Your pooch and our Walter might have the same grandparents : xpt from a a thick fur collar and more waist : he’s JR , Beagle and Spits in one lovely and loveable mixture !
    I was thinking about the fleece : I find out the material is in fact a whole lot of microplastics ; that is if it is made from mineral oil like acrylic or polyester/-amid . The safest material for me is used worn out textile from either cotton , silk or wool .
    By the by , our dog is really freaking mad about sniffing out food we hide in the grass , behind the sofa , under the (cup)board etc . Even his own , healthy and ‘boring’ everyday diet comes as a treat when we play hide and seek with .
    Whoofy regards from Erika

  3. I took a class about making one of these at a doggie training center and they had us tie the fleece through the plastic of the snuffle ball. The only problem I doing that was it didn’t leave enough room for a treat to fall through so I left a fleece tie out every so often. I have introduced it to both of my dogs without treats and the one who likes toys enjoyed it right away and the one who isn’t interested in toys at all didn’t have any interest. I will have to check her with treats inside.

  4. This seems like an easy toy. My two dogs love to play and especially the treats. Thank you. I am going to make one for both dogs.

  5. How about stitching through the roll in the middle part multiple times with heavy thread and if it gets chewed trough,reroll it and stitch again! You have a new ball again.

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