Chewy Grain Free Goody Boxes for Cats

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Have you heard about the new grain free goody boxes for cats that are available from Chewy? We love splurging on goodies for our cats but they both have sensitive stomachs. Too many grains in their food and treats just don’t agree with them. That can make it difficult to find subscription boxes or goody boxes that work for them. 

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Grain free goody boxes for cats

Grain Free Goody Boxes for Cats

Chewy now offers grain free goody boxes for cats and dogs. Each goody box contains a selection of premium, grain-free food and treats, plus toys, and is handpicked for cats. The box contains five or more full-size goodies so kitties can have fun taste-testing and discovering new favorites from premium brands.

The Grain-Free Cat Goody Box is full of special surprises for your own cat, but it’s also great as a gift for fellow pet parents. It’s great for special occasions, new pet adoptions, pet birthdays or a special present for any day of the year.

Of course, there are several other varieties of goody boxes for cats that are not grain free. You can find one for birthdays, a made in the USA box, and a meow you’re talking box for cats.

We were so impressed with the selection of goodies we received in the goody box! Here’s what our box contained.

Grain free goody boxes for cats

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken and Duck Treats

These soft, moist and meat-rich treats are loaded with real chicken and duck – no by-product meals – just real ingredients. We also love that these treats are made in the USA.

Purina Muse Natural Tuna & Tilapia Recipe in Broth

This tasty meal is made with real hand-filleted fish as the #1 ingredient and topped with delicious baby clams to offer a variety of seafood flavors. We’ve had the chance to try Purina Muse in the past and our kitties just love it!

Vital Essentials Salmon Freeze-Dried Treats

Freeze-dried to preserve vital nutrients, these treats are sourced from a single protein, wild Alaskan salmon, for a taste your cat is sure to crave.

Grain free goody boxes for cats

Solid Gold Tropical Blendz Salmon Pate

Holistic, grain and gluten-free, this meal features highly digestible salmon and coconut oil packed with healthy fatty acids.

Caru Beef Bone Broth

Make any bowl of food a special treat, when topped with this meaty broth that can also be served on its own as a protein-rich snack.

OurPets 24 Karat Cat Toy

Your cat is sure to be amused for hours with this carrot-shaped cat toy. Not only does it have a feathered top cats love, but it’s also filled with catnip grown in North America.

Fat Cat Eeeks! Catnip Toy

Stuffed with 100% organic catnip, this mouse-shaped toy is the perfect size to bat, swat and carry around – engaging your kitty’s instinctual need to chase and capture prey.

There is such a fun collection of items in this grain free goody box. I love that there are both edible treats and toys for the cats to enjoy. We try to watch how many treats we give them so it’s good to have cat toys for exercise. Our cats were super impressed with everything they received and Heather just loved the catnip toy.

You can order these grain free goody boxes for cats from and you even get free shipping when you order them.

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