Best Pets for College Students

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Check out the best pets for college students if you are looking for low maintenance pets. These are perfect for your child’s dorm room.

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Check out the best pets for college students if you are looking for low maintenance pets. These are perfect for your child's dorm room.

Best Pets for College Students

Most college students will be heading off to school soon. And they may want a college pet to keep them company. But, what kind of pet is good for a busy college student?

Here are a few low maintenance pets that even busy college students will have time to care for in their dorm room.

College students that want a college pet like guinea pigs or other exotic pets should check with their dorm to see if they allow furry pets.

Most colleges will not allow college students to bring pets like a small breed dog or cat. Even though they are adorable pets, they make better apartment pets than dorm room pets.

Are pets good for college students?

Yes, pets can be excellent companions for college students. They provide a sense of comfort and companionship which can help alleviate stress and anxiety, common issues faced by many college students.

Having a pet can also promote responsibility as the college student needs to ensure its well-being. However, it’s important to note that not all pets are suitable for a college environment, particularly those that require a high level of care and attention.

Therefore, it’s recommended that college students opt for low-maintenance pets that can adapt well to dorm life. They make some of the best pets for college students.

guinea pigs in a box

What is the best emotional support animal for college students?

The best emotional support animal for a college student would be a pet that meets both their emotional needs and the practical constraints of college life. Dogs and cats are popular choices, but they require significant care and may not be allowed in dormitories.

On the other hand, smaller pets, like guinea pigs and rabbits, can also provide emotional support. They are social creatures, enjoy being held, and can provide comfort to their owners.

Fish, particularly betta fish, also make great emotional support pets and are often allowed in dorm rooms. Observing fish swim has been associated with reductions in stress and improvements in mood.

However, choosing the best emotional support animal largely depends on the college student’s preference, lifestyle, and the rules of their college accommodation.

It’s always essential to research and consider the specific needs of the pet before bringing them into a college environment.

Check out the best pets for college students if you are looking for low maintenance pets. These are perfect for your child's dorm room.

What kind of pets can you have in a dorm?

Most dorms have restrictions on the types of pets that students can bring due to factors like allergies, noise, and general health and safety. However, there are a few types of pets that are generally permitted.

Fish are a common choice due to their low maintenance and quiet nature, and they can offer a calming distraction from the stresses of college life.

Small, caged pets like hamsters or gerbils are also often allowed, as their cages can be kept clean and they do not pose allergy risks to other residents.

Some colleges may also allow reptiles, such as turtles or geckos, as they are usually kept in terrariums and are non-disruptive.

It’s important to note that each college will have its own specific rules regarding pets in dorms, so it’s always a good idea to check with your housing department before deciding on a pet.

betta fish in a tank

Easiest pet to take care of in college?

The easiest pet to take care of in college would likely be a betta fish. Bettas require a relatively simple setup, including a small tank, a heater, and a filter.

They eat a simple diet of betta pellets and occasional treats. The tank needs cleaning once a week, but beyond that, the maintenance of a betta fish is minimal.

Bettas are also visually appealing and can be quite interactive, following your finger across the tank and even learning to perform simple tricks.

As mentioned earlier, watching a fish swim can have a calming effect, making them an excellent choice for a low-maintenance companion in a college dorm.

a guinea pig on a towel

Can you have guinea pigs in college?

Whether or not guinea pigs are allowed in college largely depends on the specific rules of the institution. Some colleges may allow small, caged animals like guinea pigs, while others may not due to concerns about potential allergies, noise, and cleanliness.

Guinea pigs are social animals and require a fair amount of care, including a spacious cage, a proper diet, and regular social interaction. Therefore, while they can make great companions, they do require a level of responsibility.

It’s always advisable to consult with the housing department of your college before deciding to bring a guinea pig or any pet into a dorm room.

a dwarf hamster in a cage

Best college pet for a college student?

Betta Fish: These colorful aquatic creatures require minimal maintenance. They don’t need a huge tank or a water filter, making them perfect for a dorm room. Learn more about betta fish.

Hamsters: Hamsters are small, adorable, and easy to take care of. They are nocturnal creatures, so they won’t disturb a student’s daytime study schedule.

Leopard Geckos: These small lizards are quiet, don’t require a lot of space, and only need to be fed every other day. They are wonderful pets for a college dorm.

Guinea Pigs: While they require a bit more care than other small pets, guinea pigs are friendly, enjoy being held, and can be quite entertaining.

Hermit Crabs: These quirky creatures are fascinating to watch and require little maintenance beyond regular feeding and a properly maintained tank. They also don’t require much space.

Ant Farm: Ants are low maintenance pets that can provide hours of entertainment. Just be sure to get a secure farm to prevent escapees! They make awesome pets if you are short on time. I love this one.

Check out the best pets for college students if you are looking for low maintenance pets. These are perfect for your child's dorm room.

African Dwarf Frogs: These tiny frogs are perfectly suited to life in a small aquarium. They are easy to care for and require feeding only every two to three days.

Sea Monkeys (Brine Shrimp): These tiny creatures are super low-maintenance. A packet of eggs added to their tank is all they need to thrive. Find them here.

Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters: The smallest type of hamster, Roborovski’s are quiet, easy to care for, and make entertaining pets. They can be great for your student’s emotional well being.

Mice: Mice are small, easy to care for, and fun to watch. They are also relatively low-maintenance, making them good pets for a busy college student.

Summary of pets for college students

In summary, the top ten pets well-suited for college life include betta fish, hamsters, leopard geckos, guinea pigs, hermit crabs, ant farms, African dwarf frogs, sea monkeys (brine shrimp), Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters, and mice.

These pets are generally low maintenance and small in size, making them ideal for the limited space and busy schedule of a dormitory lifestyle. They can provide invaluable companionship, emotional support, and stress relief amid the rigors of college life.

All of these pets can be easily found in pet stores, making for a convenient and accessible way to enhance your college experience.

College students can check their local pet store to find the perfect pet for their college dorm room. Enjoy your furry friend!

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