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The Pet Parent’s Guide to a Clean and Odor-Free Ride

The Pet Parent's Guide to a Clean and Odor-Free Ride

Looking for a clean and odor-free ride? Summer is the best season to enjoy road trips, time at the beach, camping trips and many other seasonal outdoor pastimes our pets often love to join. From visits to the local dog park to sunny cat naps on warm hoods, our pets love the freedom of the …

How to Look and Feel as Good as Morris the Cat

How to look and feel as good as Morris the Cat

…And we’re back for the second installment of “Dear Morris,” featuring meows of wisdom from the world’s most famous feline, Morris the 9Lives spokescat. Morris wants to help you look (and feel) as good as he does! And to do that he’s offering advice, plus to chance to win a human-sized, 9Lives-branded bathrobe, a $300 …